May 30, 2014

Between sessions at the Arlington ISD Parent University, Barbi Beard-Wolfe and her son William Wolfe found some time to practice the Read-Aloud Routine at the Vaughn Gross Center information booth.

With more than 500 participants, close to 100 workshop sessions, and nearly 100 organizations represented, the inaugural Arlington Independent School District Parent University was a success.

  Earlier this year, the Vaughn Gross Center for Reading and Language Arts at The University of Texas at Austin helped Arlington Independent School District (ISD) kick off its first Parent University. The Parent University offered support and resources to parents of students of all grade levels through workshop presentations by educational experts and a community resource fair with participation from many local organizations.

  Since 2011, Arlington ISD and the Vaughn Gross Center have worked to develop a strong partnership through the Texas Literacy Initiative, a statewide program launched to improve school readiness and ensure that all students are prepared to meet the literacy demands of college by high school graduation. The Vaughn Gross Center collaborates with hundreds of Arlington ISD teachers, coaches, and administrators to advance literacy outcomes for children from age 0 through grade 12 through ongoing professional development and technical assistance. As demonstrated at the Arlington ISD Parent University, the Texas Literacy Initiative distinguishes itself from past state-funded literacy initiatives by building strong connections between families, schools, and communities to support early childhood literacy and ongoing academic achievement.

  “The Texas Literacy Initiative has played a key role in building a thriving community for literacy in Arlington,” said Yoko Matsumoto, the Arlington Public Library program and community engagement administrator. “With the support of the Vaughn Gross Center, the Texas Literacy Initiative has strengthened the network of organizations that are making a positive impact on literacy and supporting quality education in Arlington.”

  The Arlington ISD Parent University consisted of informative workshop sessions provided by local and state experts and a community resource fair that featured important organizations and institutions, including the Pathways to College Access and Career Readiness Program at The University of Texas at Arlington, the YMCA, and the Arlington Fire Department.

  The Vaughn Gross Center led two presentations at the event. In the session “The Importance of Reading Aloud to Children,” parents learned of the benefits of reading with their children and were taught an eight-step routine to support vocabulary development and reading comprehension. In the “Praising Children” session, participants learned how “process praise” could be used to strengthen motivation, student achievement, and the child-parent relationship.

  Building on the success of the inaugural event, Arlington ISD and the Vaughn Gross Center recently joined forces again for a second Parent University to support the families and children of Arlington ISD.