News from July 2014

Nixon-Smiley strengthens the school-family partnership through the Texas Literacy Initiative
July 28, 2014

Recognizing the crucial role that families play in supporting their children’s literacy and learning, Nixon-Smiley Consolidated Independent School District has dedicated itself to improving the school-family partnership, including hiring a family literacy liaison to advance the district’s literacy goals.

Thelma DeLeon, the Nixon-Smiley family literacy liaison, helps families with children from age 0 through high school better understand how to support and encourage literacy development. DeLeon works directly with families in their homes to build strong parent-child relationships, helping families create academic workspaces, structure after-school time, support children with academic tasks, and foster a “whole-family approach” to reading at home.

DeLeon also collaborates with teachers, counselors, and administrators about the progress of students to ensure that school personnel and the families are united in their efforts to maximize the learning of each student. Additionally, she helps organize community literacy events to promote family involvement and awareness.

DeLeon has gained a strong reputation with her clients, and word is spreading in the community. Recently, a parent who received in-home support from DeLeon raved to another parent about the difference it had made in her son’s development. She stated that while she was first impressed with her son’s growth, over time she realized that the biggest change was in her parenting. The parent now regularly uses the strategies DeLeon introduced to her son.

DeLeon says that seeing these types of changes in parents may be the most rewarding aspect of her job. “It brings a smile to my face to see the parents emulate the strategies that I model for them,” she said, “to see them work with their children and to see their relationship with their child grow stronger because of my support.”

Nixon-Smiley allocated funds for the new position through the Texas Literacy Initiative (TLI). TLI is a professional development and technical assistance initiative focused on improving school readiness and ensuring that all students are prepared to meet the literacy demands of college. TLI recognizes that many families do not fully understand the important role they play in their children’s literacy or how best to support their children’s development. To address the discrepancies in students’ home literacy experiences, TLI has developed a Texas State Literacy Plan focused on strengthening early childhood education and the school-family partnership.

The Vaughn Gross Center for Reading and Language Arts at The University of Texas at Austin has supported teachers and specialists, like DeLeon, across the state through TLI. DeLeon and others partner closely with the Vaughn Gross Center to develop implementation plans to promote best practices in literacy instruction.

One person who has taken notice of the excellent family literacy achievements of DeLeon and the Vaughn Gross Center is Dr. Cathy Booth, the superintendent of Nixon-Smiley. “We are so pleased to have Thelma DeLeon working with families in our community to develop early literacy and learning skills in their preschool children,” Booth said. “Research has long proven that school success is largely based on a child’s ability to read well. However, many of our children are living in poverty. This often puts them at a disadvantage because they lack the reading readiness skills developed in more affluent homes through a print-rich environment and parents who read to them. Thelma’s work with our community helps close the gap. The work she is doing with them today will impact the future of each child and family as she sets them up for school, and thus lifelong, success.”

Just as many parents cannot imagine being without her assistance, DeLeon says that she receives the expert support that she needs, too. “I could not do the work that I do without the support of the Vaughn Gross Center,” she said. “They have been integral to the everyday family literacy work that I do.”

MCPER researchers present at Dyslexia Foundation’s Extraordinary Brain Symposium in the Azores
July 16, 2014

Several MCPER researchers presented at the Dyslexia Foundation Extraordinary Brain Symposium XIV from June 20 to 26 in Horta, Faial, in the Azores. The theme of the symposium was research to practice in reading intervention. Among the MCPER contingent were Executive Director Sharon Vaughn, and researchers Amory Cable, Philip Capin, Garrett Roberts, and Melodee Walker.