Photo of Jennifer B. Schnakenberg

Chief Operating Officer, MCPER
Principal Investigator, Reading Institute
Principal Investigator, Dropout Prevention Institute

Research Interests and Expertise

Dr. Jennifer B. Schnakenberg's background is in educational psychology with an emphasis on learning, cognition, instruction, and motivation. She has provided high-quality professional development and technical assistance at the national, state, district, and campus levels to build capacity and implementation of evidence-based and sustainable literacy practices. Her research interests include teacher and leadership effectiveness, the impact of professional development on teacher learning and student achievement, interventions for students with reading difficulties of all ages, and how leadership influences school culture and climate.

Research Projects and Grants

Representative Publications

Edmonds, M. S., Vaughn, S., Wexler, J., Reutebuch, C., Cable, A., Tackett, K. K., & Schnakenberg, J. W. (2009). A synthesis of reading interventions and effects on reading comprehension outcomes for older struggling readers. Review of Educational Research, 79(1), 262–300.

Williams, J. L., & Wick Schnakenberg, J. (Spring, 2013). Administrator perception of threat from students with disabilities and disciplinary decisions. Texas Study of Secondary Education, 21–26.

Roberts, G., Vaughn, M. G., Vaughn, S., Fall, A.-M., Schnakenberg, J. B., Coleman, M. A., & Wexler, J. (in press). Student engagement: Malleability and treatment effects in a randomized trial. Prevention Science.

Vaughn, S., Roberts, G., Wexler, J., Vaughn, M. G., Fall, A.-M., & Schnakenberg, J. B. (2015). High school students with reading comprehension difficulties: Results of a randomized control trial of a two-year reading intervention. Journal of Learning Disabilities, 48(5), 546–558. doi:10.1177/0022219413515511