Board of Directors

Institute Directors

  • Photo of Pamela Bell

    Pamela Bell

    Director, Response to Intervention Institute

  • Photo of Diane Bryant

    Diane Bryant

    Director, Mathematics Institute for Learning Disabilities and Difficulties

  • Photo of Stephanie Cawthon

    Stephanie Cawthon

    Director, Deaf and Hard of Hearing Institute

  • Photo of Letty Martinez

    Letty Martinez

    Director, Language for Learning Institute

  • Photo of Christy Murray

    Christy Murray

    Director, Middle School Matters Institute

  • Photo of Colleen Reutebuch

    Colleen Reutebuch

    Director, Reading Institute

  • Photo of Greg Roberts

    Greg Roberts

    Director, Dropout Prevention Institute

  • Photo of Sharon Vaughn

    Sharon Vaughn

    Director, Dropout Prevention Institute
    Director, Reading Institute

Essential Personnel

  • Photo of Anna Andersen

    Anna Andersen

    Publications Editor

  • Photo of Jacob Beyer

    Jacob Beyer

    Administrative Associate

  • Photo of Eric Bramblett

    Eric Bramblett

    Accountant II

  • Photo of Jessica Brown

    Jessica Brown

    Administrative Associate

  • Photo of Karen Chan

    Karen Chan

    Senior Graphic Designer

  • Photo of Jackie Cowan

    Jackie Cowan

    Administrative Assistant

  • Photo of Dawn Filer

    Dawn Filer

  • Default MCPER placeholder image

    Stephanie Goodson

    Administrative Assistant/Receptionist

  • Photo of Olga Macha

    Olga Macha

    Senior Administrative Associate

  • Photo of Mark Posey

    Mark Posey

    Senior Administrative Associate

  • Photo of Hans Rhodes

    Hans Rhodes

    Web Programmer

  • Photo of Matthew Slater

    Matthew Slater

    Managing Editor

  • Photo of Dawn Stanco

    Dawn Stanco

    Executive Assistant

  • Photo of Carlos Trevino

    Carlos Trevino

    Senior Graphic Designer