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News from December 2012

Tier 2 mathematics intervention lessons, teacher manuals available online
December 8, 2012

Tier 2 intervention lessons and teacher manuals for various grade levels, published by the MCPER Mathematics Institute for Learning Disabilities and Difficulties, are now available to Texas educators free of charge. Kindergarten to grade 2 products are available on the 3-Tier Mathematics Model website. Grades 3–4 and 6–7 products are available on Project Share.

The kindergarten to grade 2 lessons focus on foundational mathematics skills and build number sense. The grades 3–4 lessons explore prerequisite topics in algebra readiness, including place value concepts; addition and subtraction of whole numbers; multiplication and division concepts; fraction concepts; multiplication and division strategies; multiplication and division of whole numbers; modeling, comparing, and ordering fractions; and fraction and decimal relationships. The middle school lessons cover algebra readiness topics such as variables; equivalence, expressions, and equations; ratios and rates; and proportional reasoning.

For more information, contact Institute Director Diane Bryant or Kathleen Hughes Pfannenstiel.

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Mathematics Institute Director Diane Bryant presents on IRIS center module
December 1, 2012

Diane Bryant, director of the Mathematics Institute for Learning Disabilities and Difficulties, explored the "RTI: Mathematics" module during a presentation with Deb Smith and Naomi Tyler at the November conference of the Teacher Education Division of the Council for Exceptional Children. Bryant was a consultant for the module, serving as the mathematics response to intervention (RTI) expert. Created by the IRIS Center at Vanderbilt University, the module is available free online. According to the IRIS Center website, the module "describes the RTI framework as applied to mathematics ... [including] discussions of instruction, assessment, and data-based decision making at the primary, secondary, and tertiary levels." 

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