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News from January 2010

Reading Institute paper published in Reading and Writing Quarterly
January 10, 2010

Reading and Writing Quarterly recently published a manuscript from the Preventing Reading Difficulties: A Three-Tiered Intervention Model (3-Tier Research) project within MCPER’s Reading Institute. In the paper, First-Grade Student Retention Within a 3-Tier Reading Framework, authors used a response to intervention (RTI) framework to examine the grade-level retention of students in first grade (students who did not advance to second grade). Data suggest that student behavior, oral reading rates, and other individual school variables (as identified by principals) are possible factors contributing to the retention of students.

MCPER to provide teacher training on End-of-Course Success assessment
January 9, 2010

MCPER is partnering with the College of Education’s Institute for Public School Initiatives (IPSI) and the Texas Education Agency (TEA) to develop and provide professional development for Texas high school teachers on the upcoming English I, II, and III End-of-Course Success (EOCS) assessment. Required by Senate Bill 1301, the EOCS will measure students’ academic performance in core high school courses and will become part of the graduation requirements, beginning with the freshman class of 2011–2012.

Reading Institute paper to be published in Journal of Education Psychology
January 8, 2010

The Journal of Educational Psychology recently accepted for publication a manuscript from the MCPER Reading Institute entitled Reading Achievement Across Three Language Groups: Growth Estimates for Overall Reading and Reading Sub-skills Using the Early Childhood Longitudinal Survey. MCPER Associate Director Greg Roberts, Senior Program Coordinator Saro Mohammed, and Executive Director Sharon Vaughn authored the paper.

MCPER awarded new grant
January 7, 2010

MCPER has been awarded a new grant from The Meadows Foundation to support the collaborative work of the Institute for Public School Initiatives and the Mathematics Institute within MCPER in the development of intervention materials for students in the middle grades. These materials will support the state’s efforts to prepare all students for algebra coursework.

News from December 2009

Sharon Vaughn featured in videos of response to intervention event
December 10, 2009

Video segments of an event that focused on response to intervention, at which MCPER Executive Director Sharon Vaughn presented, were slated to be posted on December 22 to the IES Multimedia webpage. The Institute of Education Sciences and Mathematica Policy Research hosted the June 2009 event.

Dan Robinson promoted to full professor
December 9, 2009

Dr. Dan Robinson—director of MCPER’s Dropout Prevention Institute and a faculty member of the Area I Program (Learning, Cognition, and Instruction) of the Educational Psychology Department in the College of Education—has attained full professor status at UT Austin. MCPER congratulates him on this achievement!

MCPER unveils two new institutes
December 8, 2009

MCPER has launched two new institutes, the Reading Institute and the Response to Intervention Institute, to reflect our ongoing work in these areas. The Reading Institute is directed by Dr. Sharon Vaughn, who recently published a chapter on connecting reading research to practice entitled “Research on Students With Reading Disabilities,” which appears in Bringing Reading Research to Life, edited by Margaret McKeown and Linda Kucan. The Response to Intervention Institute, directed by Dr. Pamela Bell, includes our technical assistance projects that support the implementation of response to intervention in Texas and the nation.

MCPER welcomes institute fellows
December 7, 2009

MCPER is pleased to announce that several faculty members and researchers from across the country have agreed to serve as our inaugural institute fellows. The Autism Spectrum Disorders Institute and the Mathematics Institute for Learning Disabilities and Difficulties each welcomes five Institute Fellows; and the Dropout Prevention Institute welcomes four. Learn more about these researchers on the “Faculty and Staff” page of each institute, linked above.

Autism Spectrum Disorders Institute publication explores the teaching of play skills
December 6, 2009

Researchers at the MCPER Autism Spectrum Disorders Institute have published a major review of interventions to teach play skills to children with autism. More information about the paper and the ways in which institute faculty members are working in the autism spectrum disorders community can be found on the institute’s webpage.

News from November 2009

Project GOAL (Dropout Prevention) Field Trips
November 9, 2009

MCPER’s Preventing School Dropout With Secondary Students project is exposing students at risk of dropping out to several potential career paths via a series of field trips throughout the school year. Students will be visiting six Austin venues from November 2009 through the end of the school year in 2010.  Venues and dates are listed on the project’s page.