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Timed Practice

Timed Fact Practice

Timed Fact Practice is a component of the MDF module for students to have focused practice developing automaticity with the facts. Research recommends that students spend about 10 minutes a day practicing facts to build automaticity. Three sets of facts are provided: Multiplication, Division, and Mixed facts. This section also includes directions and an accompanying graph for students to plot the number of facts answered under a timed condition over the course of the module. It is important that the same set of facts—Multiplication, Division, or Mixed—be used throughout the duration of the module for the graph to accurately represent student progress.



This module contains 10 multiplication fact practice student sheets, 10 division fact practices student sheets, and 10 mixed fact practice students sheets. Teachers should choose the set of facts that most closely aligns with the needs of their students. The same set of facts must be used for the duration of the module to provide accurate data on students’ progress.



After students complete the student sheet, display the answer sheet so students can check their work with a colored pencil or marker. Have students count the number correct and write it at the top of their sheet.



Students can use the Facts Practice Graph to plot their number correct on each practice sheet.



Timed Fact Practice Graph

Multiplication Timed Fact Practice 

Division Timed Fact Practice

Mixed Facts Timed Fact Practice